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Fun, frustration and lots of laughs

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Team Building

Strengthen your business assets

- your staff and work teams

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Take a break from the iPad, Nintendo, Xbox,

TV, Facebook or selfies!

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Pubs that Nurdle

Venues and Pubs that Nurdling or play variations of the game


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Customer Reviews

Thank you to everyone who organised this year's "Village Party." 

Let's start with the Marquee - fit for Royalty?!  The food was fantastic as it always is (thanks to the ladies):  The band was great.  But, I have to say, the other star of the Party in our opinion was "Nurdling"  (Thanks  to John Heasman)  that was a winner.  It was such fun - I  thought I was a winner at one point - no such luck!! - but  the lucky winner will definitely have great fun for years to come.

Anthea Cresswell

 Challenging, but absolute fun to play. Great entertainment and value for money. Well done

Jim Duncan, Monmouth

 Definitely fun for the summer BBQ. Very competitive and great for all the family to join in and play together.

Stephen Fisher, Shrewsbury

A lot harder than it looks, but an absolute laugh to play with chums after dinner! Great present for all ages 5-95. Plus all age groups can play the game together. Brilliant!!

Lesley Scott, York