simple, fun, yet fiendishly difficult

How to Play

Objective is to get your, or your teams coins, into the box through the hole, in as few throws as possible 


  • 13 x 2p or 1p coins, required per player or team. 1p coins make the game easier to play re hole size..... but still a challenge.
  • Position your ‘nurdling’ box on a suitable chair / table / work surface, so that the hole in your ’nurdling’ box is below waist height.
  • Stand at agreed distance, usually between 1 and 2 metres away from the front of the ‘nurdling’ box, depending on the players level of skill.
  • Aim your coins at the hole in the ‘nurdling’ box and throw your coins individually into the hole in the box.
  • After each throw those coins not successfully thrown into the box are gathered by the player or team and are the number of coins that player or team throws at their next turn.
  • Coins can be thrown directly into the hole, or off the back of the lid, or in off another coin.
  • First player / team to throw all their coins down the hole is the winner.
  • Throw one coin each to see who gets nearest the hole to decide who throws first.
  • Next game alternate starter, who has an advantage throwing first.