simple, fun, yet fiendishly difficult

Polebrook the home of modern day Nurdling

While the origins of the game of Nurdles dates back to well before 1664, there are variants of the game, often with different names, e.g. frogs, toad in the hole, played across Europe. However, it is in the County of Rutland that the traditional game, using an old settle seat, has continued to be played.

Periodically The World Nurdling Championships take place. These events are associated with the village of Stretton and its famous local pub and restaurant, The Jackson Stops Inn



The Championships use the bar’s well known and now well worn Nurdling seat.




In the early 2000’s a weary traveller from Polebrook, Northamptonshire, stopped for rest, food and refreshment at the Jackson Stops. Following several ales, as recommended in the rules of the game, he chanced his hand at Nurdling. So impressed was he by the game, he decided to make his own domestic Nurdling Boxes for his family and friends to use. They too were heartened by the simplicity and fun of the game. So he set about building more boxes for his many friends and family. Soon their friends and families requested that he build more Nurdling Boxes for them to use in theirs homes and villages, for parties, fun and events.


And so it was that ‘Modern Day Nurdling’ was born, in Polebrook ! was conceived in 2004 and launched in 2017. The website allows customers to buy a range Nurdling Boxes and have them delivered to their door. It is hoped that the website, in time, will offer a small range of other interesting wooden toys and games for family, friends and youngsters to enjoy.


Here are few images of the lovely village of Polebrook, Northants, which is located close to the market town of Oundle, famous for its school, it’s buildings and architecture and The Talbot Inn Coaching House. 

Polebrook is famous for it’s association with RAF Polebrook, located a little southeast of the village. During the Second World War, the USAAF 351st Bomber Group was stationed at the airfield. The airfield is now disused but remains a rich part of Polebrook culture. There is a memorial chapel in Polebrook Church. For sometime during the war Clark Gable was stationed in Polebrook. 

The Kings Arms, which has one of the prettiest bars and restaurants locally, is located in the village. Popular with the locals and for the many walkers exploring the surrounding countryside along the Nene Way. Well worth a visit.


Ashton, close to Polebrook is a beautiful thatched village where the World Conker Championship used to be held. It has a wonderful pub and restaurant, The Chequered Skipper. Definitely worth a visit !

So head down to Polebrook and the surrounding area and have a great day out. Pick up a Nurdling Box while you are there !