simple, fun, yet fiendishly difficult

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Get your residents really enjoying themselves.

Activity coordinators take a close look at this game. Another simple but fun activity to add to your list for your residents fun, entertainment and amusement. Not quite indoor golf, but with a few nurdling boxes you can make a simple course. Adjust the throwing distances for different boxes. Have some boxes higher and some lower. Give individuals a score card to record the number of throws taken at each box. How many throws taken to get one coin down the hole. Then move onto the next box.  It’s fun, a challenge for all those capable of playing. You could even develop a handicap system for players. If you don’t have enough room for a course inside, in the good weather go outside and play! If space is limited, then a single Nurdling Box is still great fun and a must to have!


How Not to Nurdle Pedro and Marcus

Pedro & Marcus bending the rules